Together we are stronger!

Dear Fellow Youth, 🙂

We are living in a world where the news of space tourism makes headlines while thousands of children continue to die unnoticed due to a lack of drinking water. We live in a world where we elect leaders who spend billions of dollars on weapons of mass destruction while neglecting to build schools to educate our children. This inequality must end but it will not happen unless we, the youth, raise our voices and take the reins of destiny in our own hands. We are plagued by a lack of awareness which in turn, leads to a sense of apathy and it is this indifference that allows our leaders to be profligate and divert tax money into the coffers of the arms lobby.

It is this lack of awareness that my social innovation enterprise is working to remove using Education for Sustainable Development as a transformative tool that provides them with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and behaviour needed to think and act for a sustainable future. I established Green Hope as a 12-year old, after attending Rio+20 where I was appalled to see the complete lack of inclusivity of young people in the sustainable development process. 🌳

Green Hope now has a presence in 16 countries with 2060 youth members working at a grassroots level engaging children and youth from vulnerable communities – Syrian refugees, Rohingya refugees, children of prisoners in Nepal and Kenya, the homeless and destitute in villages in India and Bangladesh, indigenous children in Suriname. Till date, we have directly empowered 58,000 children and youth through our advocacy academies . Disarmament education is a key part of our advocacy as it provides them with the knowledge to raise their voices against these misdirected policies and ensure that governments utilize their resources for growth and sustainable development . 👫

I look forward to collaborating with you in our common objective of creating a just, equitable and peaceful world

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. 🌎

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