The Iraq War, 20 years on

A compilation of articles and videos

Tariq Rauf speaks to Robert E. Kelley about 2003 Iraq war (short and full version)

Tariq Rauf interviews Dr Mohamed El-Baradei (short and full version)

Shortened version
Full-length interview

Ambassador Rolf Ekéus on the legacy of the Iraq invasion (SIPRI)

Dr Hans Blix on lessons from the Iraq weapons inspections (SIPRI)

20 years on, should George W. Bush be on trial for Iraq? | The Mehdi Hasan Show

Twenty years ago in Iraq, ignoring the expert weapons inspectors proved to be a fatal mistake (SIPRI)

What is the legacy of the US-led invasion in Iraq? (The Stream)

New materials to mark the 20th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq (SIPRI)

20 years on, memories of the Iraq war may have faded, but it shaped the diminished UK we know today (The Guardian)

Why Bush, Blair should be charged with war crimes over Iraq invasion (CNN)

War Made Easy: Norman Solomon on How Mainstream Media Helped Pave Way for U.S. Invasion of Iraq (Democracy Now)

Shock and War: Iraq 20 Years On (BBC)

The Iraq war left western societies unchanged (Financial Times)

The Iraq war started the post-truth era. And America is to blame (The Guardian)

On this day 20 years ago, Robin Cook tried to stop the Iraq war. I helped write that historic speech (The Guardian)

Uruk's Anthem (extract)
by Adnan al-Sayegh

The invaders come after the tyrants,
the tyrants come after the invaders
and nothing happens…
they replace handcuffs
with other handcuffs
and prisons
with other….
And time stretches out
in hunger
and oppression
while they keep going,
generation after generation
Translated by Jenny Lewis, Ruba Abughaida and Dr. Elias Khamis

Column: The road to war: An ex-Reuters journalist recalls the chase for WMD in Iraq (Reuters)

Iraq Timeline: 2002-2003 (Infoplease)

FROM THE EDITORS; The [New York] Times and Iraq (New York Times)

How The Iraq War Still Haunts New York Times (MediaMatters for America)

Lessons of War (Washington Post)

Fred Hiatt and Iraq — Together Forever (Salon)

The Press and Public Misperceptions About the Iraq War (Nieman Reports)

Colin Powell, Remarks to the United Nations Security Council, Feb 5 2003

Bush’s Amazing Achievement (The New York Review)

Iraq Is the Ultimate Aphrodisiac (New York Times)

Iraq study estimates war-related deaths at 461,000 (BBC)

The Press’ Reporting on WMD (PBS)

On the West Wing (The New York Review)

In Their Own Words – Who Said What When (PBS)

Mohamed Atta’s alleged Prague connection (Wikipedia)

Selling The Iraq War To The U.S. (CBS News)

Selling the Iraq war: Experts knew the intel was faulty. Why didn’t they blow the whistle? (MSNBC)

Bad Blood: Saddam and Bushes (Seattle Times)

11 Swindling Slang Terms from The Grifters