The Atomic Legacy: Energy, Deterrence, Non–Proliferation and Disarmament

Second Study Programme by Atomic Reporters
and Multilateral Dialogue KAS

4 to 8 July 2023 in Vienna, Austria

Call for applications:

Video competition to participate in the Second Study Programme by Multilateral Dialogue KAS and Atomic Reporters

Under the guidance of diverse renowned professionals, researchers, and international officials, you will acquire expertise in:

  • Current nuclear issues and risks
  • Basic concepts and notions in the nuclear realm (nuclear safety, security, safeguards, deterrence, non-proliferation, risk reduction, disarmament and arms control)
  • The history of nuclear armament and disarmament
  • The history and role of the nuclear energy industry
  • Core relevant international documents
  • Legal background
  • Participate in technical visits to International Organisations in Vienna
  • Join and shape the alumni network
  • Receive a centralized reading list on the specified topics

Participants will be selected on the basis of a video competition. Entries must be in English.

The 15 successful candidates from various academic disciplines and countries of origin will participate in an Online Seminar in June 2023, culminating in a four-day Dialogue Programme in Vienna with visits to the International Organizations.

Expenses of participants of the Dialogue Programme on July 4th to 8th 2023 in Vienna, Austria (travel, accommodation, meals) will be covered by the organisers.

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Download the full Call for Applications

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