Orphaned (Re)source: Super Kukla Operating Experience, 1964-1973

Prompt burst reactors were developed in parallel with the first atomic bombs.  They were casually referred-to as “tickling the tail of the dragon.”  This is because they were made to go super prompt critical and depended on intrinsic heating of the core to shut them off before they exploded.  The operator completes the shutdown with… Read More Orphaned (Re)source: Super Kukla Operating Experience, 1964-1973

Orphaned (Re)source: LC 16/INF.2

Dear Readers, Today we bring you the first in an occasional series of hard-to-find, nuclear-related research in need of a home online. Our first submission, “LC 16/INF.2” comes via the International Maritime Organization, where it was submitted by Russian authorities in 1993. The document, posted in three parts due to its size, provides a comprehensive… Read More Orphaned (Re)source: LC 16/INF.2